5 Kinds Of Truth

I thought this selection of panels from Before Watchmen: Night Owl was oddly topical based on my last post. It hit me right between the eyes, in all honesty.

There is truth to the amount of data we share with select people but sometimes there’s only so much we actually want to see and to admit to ourselves.

Jimosterhout.com Reborn?

My previous webhost decided to shut down their Baltimore servers. I could have just moved my website over to a new host, however the mysql database export I snagged happened to be corrupt and when I went back to grab another copy of it the hosts were turned off. Sooo … here I am starting over from backups that didn’t exist. I did this to myself. I’m not complaining about it. My bad. Whatever. I would still trust my life with GANDI.Net. I used them for years and I’m glad to have been referred to them by my friend George a long time ago. Sadly, Inmotion had better pricing and with a little blog like mine, I didn’t need all the extra power and bandwidth.

Perhaps the only positive is that I have come back full circle to using jimosterhout.com, which was the first website I ever operated. That is honestly kind of cool and it’s afforded me some time to regale in the nostalgia. It also makes me slightly angry because I now sit with a mountain of stuff to do on a Tuesday night. Worst of all, I am attempting to scrap together what I can of my lost essays. This might take some time and I’m sure no one really gives a huge shit. My gut feeling is the world could probably use fewer diarrhea stories but, hey, you can’t stop the wrecking ball of progress.

Please keep checking back for updates. I’m sure there will be plenty of them.